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Hillside Farmacy History…

Hillside Farmacy resides in a building owned by one of the oldest standing African American East Austin residents. In the 50’s, pharmacist Doc Young & his family operated Hillside Drugstore. The drugstore closed in the 70’s and the deteriorating building was lovingly restored by the Hillside Farmacy team including re-installing a fountain soda system. They continue the families vision to keep the community healthy, just now, it is in the form of good local farm food.

Hillside Farmacy is ADORABLE!

Ok so let’s start off with the fact that Hillside Farmacy is adorable! So many design touches that had me all heart eyes! 😍😍😍. It is a little “unassuming” from outside as they have plants blocking the view of the street if you sit outside which is nice! But once you get inside… WOW it is gorgeous!

Ask for coloring sheets!

If you do take your kiddos ask for the coloring sheets. They may have to dig a little like they did for us but it was worth it to have the color this adorable page. (shhhh don’t judge when I take a photo of a coloring sheet we don’t keep it 🙈🙊😂)

They also carry “goods”

They have spices, coffee, teas, cookbooks all tucked into these old apothecary type shelving units which adds so much charm to this Austin Restaurant!

Their sodas are refreshing and delicious!

So we tried the Pickpocket which had Strawberry, basil and balsamic. This one was everybody’s favorite! It was crisp and summery perfect for the super hot day in Austin!

Then we also tried the Tumeric which has a lemon, ginger, black pepper. I have been trying to drink Tumeric at least a couple times a month as it is REALLY good for inflammation (which I get around my knees). BUT your kids probably won’t like it. It is definitely an acquired taste which I loved but even my friend Kathleen was not a fan. So unless you are more adventurous I would stick to the Pickpocket!

For dinner, we started with…

Malt Vinegar fries with a  house made aioli, malt vinegar gastrique, smoked salt & pepper. The kiddos loved these! Little Mr., in particular, ate most of them! And I would say this restaurant at night is a little “fancier” than most so I made sure to bring little dudes pacifier and invited my sweet friend Kathleen to talk with since Daniel couldn’t come but also to be an extra set of hands for that wiggle worm while I tried to get good photos. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH KATHLEEN YOU WERE A LIFE SAVER! (She didn’t really want her photo taken but how could I not include that gorgeous lady!? 😍😚😘 I love her sooooo much she is one of the most amazing people I know!)

Then we had the Mac and Cheese with taleggio, aged white cheddar, and breadcrumbs. SO let me say this is NOT the blue box kind of mac and cheese. So at first bite, my oldest said: “where is the cheese?” I quickly tried to hush her, kids don’t realize how blunt they are being sometimes. So it isn’t “super” cheesy but it is delicious! Kathleen and I ended up eating most of it which was fine with me!

Our entrees were delicious!

Kathleen and I split the Roasted Chicken with a side of more fries (did we tell you we liked the fries?). The only thing I regret is not getting our own plates because the chicken was so succulent!

The girls split a burger with… guessed it fries. The burger is a  Bastrop Texas grass-fed beef, with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickled, cucumber, 77 sauce. They scarfed it down! (we took off the bun for Libby as she is gluten intolerant)

Sooooo I went back….

So for a couple reasons one was because by the end of our meal as you can see it started getting dark so these photos were MASTERFULLY lite by Kathleen holding my cell phone over the plate as I took the photo 🙈😂… that is skills there am I right!? 😂😂 AGAIN THANK YOU KATHLEEN! 😘😘😘 So I wanted to go back during the day when the light was cascading in through it it’s most glorious way through all the windows throughout the restaurant.

AND sometimes as moms, we need a BREAK! So my sister in law was watching my kiddos as I was doing a separate photo shoot. After the photo shoot, I ran back to the restaurant to capture more photos which are truly food blog eye candy! Doesn’t that burger look so much better!? I also added avocado and bacon! 😍😍😍😍 (that previous burger is somewhat a reflection of the way I felt that night, overwhelmed and a little “deflated” 😂😂😂)

I also treated myself to some coffee!

I LOVE coffee so much so that we have our own coffee company (more on that another time). So I LOVE to try coffee at different places. in fact I plan on making an “AUSTIN Coffee shop guide” here pretty soon! Needless to say drinking a cup of coffee by myself without someone screaming at someone else, or chattering (which I am trying to have more patience for as I know they won’t always want to talk so I try to cherish it but sometimes you want to just drink your coffee in peace am I right!? 😂🙈) while reading a beautiful cookbook was so needed and restorative!


The waiter was FANTASTIC!

I mean how can you not be wearing this chicken apron!? He was funny, helpful, and allowed me room to take my time to take photos and even took some of me (which sir, you did a FABULOUS JOB! THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

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