family brunch in Atlanta, family foodie travel blog, Saltwood Atlanta, Atlanta foodie, family restaurant AtlantaWhile in Atlanta our friend took us to a hotel brunch at Saltwood in the Lowes Hotel. At first honestly didn’t think this family brunch in Atlanta sounded like much more than a “hotel brunch” but I was WRONG! To start the decor was so beautiful! It had a modern farmhouse feel. And the staff were super sweet and attentive even though it was buffet style!

Omelet Bar

They have a fresh omelet bar with a wide variety of toppings for a perfect family brunch in Atlanta. They were light, fluffy and the woman making them was fast and friendly, which is helpful when you are trying to plate up extra plates for littles.


Oatmeal and other options

They had mini cereal boxes (which we may or may not have snagged an extra one to feed Isaac later 🙊😂), oatmeal, sausages, fresh bacon and grits! I was shocked that I actually enjoyed grits, I don’t know what it was but these grits were so creamy and delicious. Unfortunately, I did not get a  photo of one of the most amazing things they had to offer, pancakes! These food wizards made the most amazing pancakes! In fact my friend who invited us to Atlanta and lives close comes to Saltwood specifically for the pancakes!

Family approved!

Our kiddos loved this brunch and it was perfect brunch to tide us over till we had lunch. They also had big family tables which was perfect to spread out and feel like everyone had enough room.

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