Fareground: Downtown Austin Food Hall

It was our oldest”s birthday she is a foodie, she wanted to eat sushi at a young kid. So I thought it would be fun to take a trip into Austin to see Fareground– Austin’s first food hall.

To start out the Decor is AMAZING! Instagram dreams are made here!

We each ordered something different so we could sample from several different restaurants!


I ordered some rotisserie chicken from Contigo. It was beautifully charred, juicy, and it is served with salsa verde! Also grabbed some delicious sides, roasted potatoes and tomato salad.

Dai Due Taqueria

Bella ordered a Venison sweet potato mole taco w/ crema, and crispy sweet potato skins on a sanoran wheat flour tortilla. She loved it!


We also ordered a cheese board. There were so many choices that we had them pick for us. So not sure which cheeses were on the board. (Bella picked it up at the counter and forgot what they were 🙄😂😂) We asked for bread and some gluten-free crackers. We also had some pickled carrots.

It was a fun experience for the girls to try the different cheeses and spreads. After a couple minutes they turned it into a “cooking contest” to see whose “creation” was the best…. you can see Isaac wasn’t too sure of some of their combonations 😂!

Easy Tiger

We ended our culinary adventure on the grass hill outside enjoying iced coffee and a salted pretzel!

It was a beautiful day and a fun adventure for the kiddos. They enjoyed rolling on the grassy hill outside, making stick forts, and sitting in these amazing mid-century modern chairs.

So if you have a foodie kid this would be an amazing place to take them to experience several different restaurants under one roof.


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