Flying with baby! Products I use to fly with my baby, flying with baby, keep baby from screaming on flight, keep baby happy on flightMost airlines allow you a free lap child ticket. I have put together a list of things that have helped me to fly with my baby that made the trip a little easier on everyone. With the toys, as a tip make sure to bring ONE toy out at a time so your baby is not board with ALL of them at once.

Tips for Flying with Baby

  1. Ergo Baby All carry positions– having both sets of hands to grab your ticket, ID, your debit card…. etc makes life soooo much easier. Most airlines let you use a stroller and drop it off at the end of the jetway, but you have to be able to fold it down and take everything off to go through security. So unless you have an extra set of hands (friend, husband, mom, etc) I highly suggest investing in a good carrier. I have LOVED my Ergo baby carrier it displaces their weight to where it is so much more comfortable than most carriers.
  2. Baby Einstein sticky spinner toy– Depending on the strength of your baby this is PERFECT to stick onto the tray on the back of the seat to entertain your baby without a ball or oy flying into other people or down the aisle.
  3. Unicorn pacifier plushie– I love these things! These help keep the paci from rolling down the aisle and gives you a little more to grab if they try to throw it 😂
  4. Giraffe pacifier plushie– Same thoughts as above just a different “kind” if you aren’t a fan of unicorns. This is the one our son uses and we have bought 4 over the course of time, either lost them, the dog chewed one, etc. 😂
  5. Never touch a Dinosaur book– This book is not only adorable it is textured with strong rubber sections that will distract and engage your baby during your flight.
  6. Avent Natural baby bottle– Sucking helps to pop and sooth babies ears. So either a pacifier, a bottle, eating (for older babies) or nursing is ideal on tack off and landing to keep your baby from screaming and getting the side eye from others. Also so you don’t have ear piercing screaming RIGHT IN YOUR EAR!
  7. Happy Baby super puffs– these are great for older babies to keep them busy and also as a snack because we all know a full belly is a happy belly!!
  8. Once upon a farm baby food packet– Last time I got through security with bigger packets but the security agent said to try to stay under 4 ounces, this is one of the few companies under 4 ounces. And Jennifer Garner is their spokesperson (i LOVE 13 going on 30!) Babies get hangry too!
  9.  Alice in Wonderland Baby lit book– This company has a whole series and the illustrations are amazing! It is a board book making it hard to tear and fun to chew (ok not really but it will stand up to a couple bites!) 😂
  10. Ariat Women’s slip-on shoe– Having an easy slip-on shoe makes going through security with a baby SOOOO much easier! No shoe laces to mess with, yet still stylish.
  11. Nursing cover-up– This is the BEST coverup EVER! I have nursed 3 babies now for almost 5 years altogether. I have used just about every cover-up. I LOOOOOVE this one because it goes fully around your body and even my 18-month-old still lets me use it! Most of my kids will try to pull off the cover-up after 6 months. This one is SUPER hard to pull off since it goes completely around your body. Making it PERFECT to use on a plane because juggling a baby, nursing cover in confined spaces next to a random stranger can be STRESSFUL!!!
  12. Freeze Dried Yogurt bites– These are also perfect getting through security and “fun” for kids to eat.

Additional tips:

  • Make sure to change your baby’s diaper BEFORE you get on the plane so you don’t have to do a circus act in a tiny airplane bathroom.
  • If your baby is teething bring some Baby Tylenol. (also talk to your doctor beforehand for dosing) Just make sure you put it in with your “liquids” through security. And give your baby a dose BEFORE you get on the plane so that you don’t have to try to fumble through dosing on the plane or have them losing it before the medicine clicks in!

Hope these tips and products help you have a great flight with your baby and make your trip a little less stressful!

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