Local restaurant with rotating menu: Austin Java

More than another coffee shop…

Austin Java has been long known for being a great coffee shop but we recently visited their South Austin location and they really upped their culinary experience! I would say it is now on par with some of the other great Austin restaurants!

Mixed drinks to satisfy any mama… and kid!

They not only have a super cool menu of coffee choices including a snickerdoodle latte (pictured above) when we went but also, a smooth iced coffee, and some mixed drinks that were FABULOUS! (we had virgin ones at the time since we were taking an alcohol break and they had just applied for their liquor license)

Rotating menu creates an awesome Austin restaurant choice

With blackened Brussel sprouts on the menu you can almost guarantee that the restaurant is going to be good! They had the typical “Austin” Tex Mex food choices. Which for some reason I didn’t have high hopes for and was pleasantly surprised! But they took all the food to the next level and their flavor game was STRONG!

We DEVOURED the queso which isn’t a shocker for my family! And then the sweet waiter brought out our main dishes which even our pickiest eaters happily enjoyed! Which as a mom is ALWAYS NICE when you can enjoy your eating experience and not have to BEG your children to eat their food!

Austin restaurant with a modern atmosphere

I loved the interior design of this place! It was beautiful and simple at the same time. It was also comfortable and didn’t feel awkward to bring kids to which I truly appreciate! So we will have to be back one day! We really loved it! Let us know in the comments below if you have checked this place out before or plan to visit!

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