My Mom actually found out about Teriyaki Madness and suggested we try it out. We sent a message to their Instagram and headed over a couple days later! It looked great online but I wasn’t anticipating such an array of options for some of us that are Gluten-free in our family!

Even their Teriyaki sauce is GLUTEN FREE!!! 😍😱

It was DELICIOUS!! The staff was so sweet and the portions were filling! We got pot stickers and crab wontons (these are not gluten free, some times I cheat 😬😆…you can now get gluten ease pills, on Amazon that help with that too! Which may help with those of you who are celiac or extremely sensitive)

Teriyaki Madness has fun Chopstick forks! 🍜

Our girls loved them! Well our oldest knows how to use chopsticks and she is a pre-teen 🙄 so it is a little more difficult to get good smiles without a side eye 😏… but our middle little LOVED them! She thought it was fun to try to use the chopsticks but then also had an option to use the fork. Best of both worlds!

I like big BOWLS and I can not lie! 🍜😂

The portions for the kid’s bowls are great! They were just big enough to fill her little belly with a little leftover for lunch the next day!

Teriyaki madness will leave you leftovers you will actually eat!

And the regular bowls were filling too! The manager said there is a dude that comes in and buys 7 bowls and eats them every day for lunch. I can believe it they were delicious! And you can make them Keto/Paleo/Gluten-free. We all had some leftover for lunch the next day! So this is totally a place I HIGHLY recommend and we look forward to going back soon!

You can also order it online and pick it up if you are in a hurry… also their marketing is funny!

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